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Process of Shipping

  • Booking of vessel through various reputable ship lines.
  • Container loaded at our site or site of your choice where allowed by City Bylaw.
  • Each item shipped is labelled and tagged and is traced based on a reference identification number.
  • When secure packaging isn't available, we shrink wrap your merchandise for added security and safety at no charge.
  • We prepare all export documentation and B13 declarations.
  • Once your shipment arrives at the destination port – our agent will contact the consignee and make arrangements for the shipment to be collected.
  • You have the choice to use our reputable agents to clear customs at the destination port, if you desire, or you can choose your own agent.
  • Door to Door delivery service of Barrels containing food and clothing to various parts of Guyana will be delivered directly to the consignee. At which time they will sign that they have received their shipment intact before the barrel is released.